Friday, July 20, 2012

Photos from 07-19-12, First Full Day in NY

Breakfast: Ham, biscuits and gravy without the biscuits, a cinimmon roll and cofee

Trinity Church, which was within the shadow of the Twin Towers

Another view of Trinity Churh

Walking towa the 9-11 Memorial

And the work goes on

A heavy police presence all around the area

The wait to get in. It's free, but you have to get tickets in advance so they can control the crowds

Inside the Memorial grounds

Crowds are drawn to the Memorial Pools

Reading the names of those lost engraved around the footprints of each tower. Overwhelming.

Looking across one of the pools to the Memorial Museum, which will open next year

The pools are beautiful. Water as tears for those lost pouring into the spaces where two giant towers once stood

Construction around the site

The memorial includes the names of those who died in the attacks on the Pentagon well as those who were killed in an earlier bombing at the World Trade Center

Construction everywhere outside the memorial grounds

The most poignant of all, I think is the bottom name in this photo: "Sylvia Pio Resta and her unborn child." It is to weep.

Construction side of the Memorial Museum

Just before I had a chance to capture it, a small boy, urged on by his father, went up to shake the policemen's hands and thank them.

I believe I mentioned police presence?

Castle Clinton is where people who haven't pre-ordered tickets for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island buy them

My best friend Gary trying his first soft pretzel while waiting for the ferry to the Statue of Liberty

Vietnam and Korean war memorisl

Long, long line to board ferry to Statue of Liberty

Merchant Marine monument

Each ferry carries a mini United Nations of nationalities 

Every ferry is packed

The Statue of Liberty as seen by millions of immigrants

Wish I had--or knew how to put in--a saying to put in the blank space

As each ferry approaches Liberty Island , thousands more people wait to board for Ellis Island

The Statue is seldom seen from behind

Skyline from Liberty Island

Statue ferries run every 15 minutes or so, like clockwork

I like this angle

Cleaning and repair of statue base...statue itself cannot be entered during it.

Posing with statue in background, photoing from evey angle

This single photo captures the attraction of America

Iconic angle w/contruction crane

Leaving the ferry at Ellis Island

I took a lot of these explanations until my battery went dead. Read if you're interested, skip if you're not.


Katy said...

Those are all things I have not taken the time to see and I only live about a 5 hour car ride away. The photos of the 9/11 memorial are wonderful.

Dorien/Roger said...'s a definite "must visit" but as long as you've waited this long, I might suggest you hold off a bit longer until the Memorial Museum opens in 2013...and the Freedom Tower should be finished by that time, too.