Friday, July 13, 2012

07-12-12 To Braubach, Koblenz Photos

First glimpse

River scenes

We're in a side channel

The Mein and Rhine split beyond the bridge

Mein turns left, Rhine goes center right

High water submerging trees on jettys

A long stretch of not-quite castles, but not exactly squatters' shacks

Dwellings of the type of people (present company excluded)  who go on river cruises.

And as we proceed down the Rhine...

Monument to....?

Can you spot the castle, boys and girls?

One of the many "seen better days" castles along the banks

"If there is a rock outcropping, ye shall build a castle upon it."

Closer look. Not terribly big, least from this angle

Pretty little chapel under...guess what?...a castle!

First one to spot the castle gets a prize

Apparently they didn't want to haul stones all the way to the top of the hill, so put the castle right above the town. 

Crew member wiping rainwater from stairs to sun deck

This one was fairly well shot.

Vinyards and vinyards and vinyards

Partial ruin, partial repaired, partial...?

I think the word is "quaint"

Odd little castle shaped like a ship, in the middle of the river

Trains run along the shore

This is the famous "Lorelei" rock from which the siren sang to lure sailors to their deaths

The castle above...

...the village below

Car ferry

How the mighty have fallen

When I grow up, I want to be a castle

Ghost stories, anyone?

Back on the ship for a "Taste of Germany" lunch buffet in the lounge

And meanwhile, on the Rhine..

Marksburg Castle...our daily tour destination

Guess where we are?

Passing yet another Viking ship

Approaching the entrance to Marksburg Castle, overlooking the Rhine Valley

Gift shop/restaurant at base of castle

Walkin' ain't easy

Flowers in a castle grow

"Bathroom" off dining room. See blog for details

In the chapel

Chapel is very small. Too many people in it to get any other shots

The armory features a history of military costumes up to the 17th century

Mideval shoes, including children's

Blacksmith shop just outside the castle and in an all-stone room to prevent fire

Heading back toward the ship

Monument to Kaiser Wilhelm I

Cable tram crosses the river

Viking ships stacked three across
A special dinner...not sure why

Enlarge to see the menu. Always three appetizers, three entrees (one vegetarian)

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