Sunday, July 15, 2012

07-15-12 Amsterdam Photos

My room, Blue Tower Hotel, Amsterdam

The photo could be considered somewhat symbolic of the day, but while I want to rearrange them, I don't think I can. They appear in the order taken. T
Obviously a working-class neighborhood

Functional lobby


In case you wonder why they call it the "Blue Tower Hotel"

Sidewalks look like there'd been a ticker-tape parade recently. There hadn't

I like their trams. Very modern. Each car has a small ticket booth. take money

Had a great bowl of soup at this little cafe about two blocks from the hotel. 


Diana said...

I'm so sorry to read about your camera mishap. You probably won't feel any better for me to say forgive yourself, accidents happen. It's things like that we've all done at one time or other and dwelling on it just makes it worse. I'm glad you were able to find another camera that you didn't have to relearn how to use. My son visited Amsteram a few years ago and I loved hearing his adventures as I'm sure I'll love yours. Have a wonderful time in this very unique city.

Mollie said...

One positive: it looks like your bed at the Blue Tower has not-so-heavy covers for sleeping. No more heavy, thick blankets as on the river! And although you made it an entertaining read about losing your camera, I'm sure it was a pain. Amsterdam 75, journey on!