Saturday, July 14, 2012

07-14-12 To Kinderdijk Photos (rainy day)

First glimpse from my window...a windmill! Okay, so Don Quixote wouldn't recognize it, but it's Holland and it's a windmill.

Guess which meal?

River splits right and left

First coal barge I'd seen

Heading back to my cabin (337; closest cabin to the library)

Apparently it's vacation time in Holland, rain or no

The exposure on some of these photos is a little off, due to compensating for  gloom of rain.

Carnival time

Neck and neck

Waiting for briefing on debarkation in Amsterdam

Rumen, my Bulgarian room steward. A really sweet kid.

Lunch: peach lemonade, Dutch cheese soup, beets, open face sandwichs (that's lox on the left. I love lox)

A millionaire has built an exact (sic) replica of the ark and will be sailing it from country to country

A police boat, I believe

Entering Rotterdam

Odd monument, odder building

Rotterdam has a large mosque, apparently

Odd, but I like it

Arrived Kinderdijk. I assume these huge screws somehow generate electricity?

Hey, it's Holland!

The Kinderdijk Windmills are a UNESCO World Heritage site

Windmills in the rain

One windmill is open to the public. Camera lens is rain-spattered

Mill wheel

Sitting area...the entire living areas are very small.

Families of 6 or 7 people lived in working windmills

The turning blades turn the shaft

How a windmill works

Beware the zombie apocolypse

This is how they change the angle of the blades

You can never have too many photos of windmills, I always say

Now a private home, as are 13 of the 14 windmills on the site

Back on the ship, Andrew, our Program Director


Katy said...

Love the windmills. Alao, that picture of the replica if Noah's Ark is quite interesting.

Diana said...

Loved all the pictures. They're great even in the rain. Don't you wish you knew what all the buildings were. It would be great to travel with a constant guide to answer all your questions. I wonder what those buildings that were rounded at the top on one side were, solar powered apartments maybe. Thanks for sharing and now on to your next adventure!