Tuesday, July 10, 2012

07-10-12 To Wurzburg

Opened cabin blinds to see...

Guess what meal?

Mile after mile of vinyards

About to tie up at Wurzburg. City tour buses already waiting

Gathering in lobby to go ashore

...as soon as they secure the gangplank, which is lowered with a crane from the sundeck

Marienberg Fortress dominates the city

A slightly closer view

The joys of guided tours. "All together, now. Move this way."

The Rezidenz. No photographs allowed inside. But you could substitute photos of any huge palace and it's unlikely many people would know the differenc

I liked the effect of the sun above the statue

Better view of the fountain. Woman is letting her baby play in the water

Looking out in front of the castle

Entrance to the gardens, which are behind the Residenz

Turning around from taking the last photo, I got this

Love the sculpting of the trees

And under each tree is a statue

Back of the Rezidenz from the garden

Identifying the flowers found in the garden

And back to the Prestige. Ahead of us is a floating Chinese restaurant and casino

Showing about 1/2 the length of the cabin corridor

View from the ship

Passing through ship's lounge after taking preceding pictures

Lining the banks of the river

This is the Old Main Bridge dates from 1473 and replaced an old Roman bridge

Closer up. Bridge abutments are lined with statues of saints, added around 1730

Photos distort distances, but this is taken from the bridge toward the ship in the far distance.

End of bridge leads to Wurzburg's main business district

As is so often the case, I haven't a clue as to what this building is.

Oh, what I would give to be able to eat like normal people!

Bizarre fountain

I like their trams!

Ah, youth

I'll take a wild guess and say this is a church. But apparently you can walk right through it, so....

Big market area is right behind the main street

These babies were standing in the trough of a fountain, playing with the water

Descending the stairs at the side of the bridge to return to the ship

I finally found a new suitcase

Raising the gangplank by crane on sundeck in preparation for departure

Engines in reverse to take us away from dock

We've gone into a side channel separate from the main river

Remnants of very old lock...you can see the gates in a just-opening position

Part of old lock (looks like wall above, but is actually wall of lock

Very strange...water from main river pouring into a side stream, from which we're divided by concrete wall

Passing through yet one more lock...

...and then out, headed for Wirtheim.


Katy said...

Lovely photos. I love the gardens at the castle and the statues under the trees. Beautiful!

Diana said...

Great pictures, although when you put them on the blog like this we aren't able to comment on them individually. Just know I enjoyed them and it looked like a really nice city to visit. Also it's not just people's names that I can't remember anymore so don't feel bad, probably everyone on that cruise is in the same boat as you...haha.