Wednesday, July 11, 2012

07-11-12 To Wertheim (Photos)

Breakfast at 7

Private residence on opposite bank from Wirtheim. I might guess an old, old family

We've docked at Wirtheim. View from my side of the ship

View of Wirtheim from other side of the ship

Lots of swans around

Getting ready for walking tour

First time the ship has put up an awning. Wonder why?

Gangplank crane hasn't been retracted, since we won't be in Wirtheim all that long

Swan with cygnets

Interesting sidewalk design repeated often along riverfront

The leaning tower, once part of city walls

Tower also served as a prison...entrance door was at top of the wall, and can be seen at center of photo

City walls were used as back wall for houses. One of the gates of the old wall shows here

American politics cast a long shadow

Town square and market

"Stepping stones" with names of Jews who were taken away are placed in front of their former homes.

Narrowest house in town

Once the city well, no longer used

One of the very few blue buildings in Germany. Color was made by grinding up expensive cobalt glass, which few could afford

Builidngs on left and right of tower share tower, which has two sets of spiral for each building.

Wertheim main church was changed from Catholic to Lutheran during the Reformation

Lunch...a wine soup, a hamburger patty, and a mango desert. Had one bite of the hamburger.

A castle! A real castle! I don't think I've ever seen one before (since the last hill)

Unusual clock steeple in the village below the castle

River Scenes

Campground. Interesting how all the trailers have tent extensioins

Newest addition to the Viking fleet...the Viking Njord

Old and new...castle ruins and new...whatever it is

One more shot in passing

Photo is out of was the first thing I saw in the morning....another lock

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