Friday, July 13, 2012

07-13-12 Cologne Photos

Arriving at Cologne

I'll blame the lack of clarity on the rain. Yeah, that's it.

Wow! My camera takes impressionist photographs!

My usual hummingbird's breakfast

All these buildings are reconstructions. The originals were destroyed in the bombings

Sorry...don't know what this is, but I thought it was kind of nice.

Theyre building a new subway line through this area. The square is usually busy, but with the weather....

The Cologne cathedral. I don't know if it survived the war or was rebuilt.

The Dom (Cathedral) Hotel, facing the side of the cathedral

Impossible to get the whole cathedral front in one photo

Towers are 500 feet tall

Copy of the filials at the top of each spire

Interior of Cologne Cathedral

Walking back to the ship

Crew taking on bottled water, wine


Preparing to leave dock for repair facility. Viking has a permanent gangway

Pulling away. Cathedral towers right of center

Turning around mid-river. Not so much a turn as a pivot due to ship's length

Passing Viking gangway from opposite direction, heading for repair facility

Pivoting to enter channel to facility

Broadside to river halfway through pivot. Cathedral towers left side

Entering repair facility

And it's still raining

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