Monday, July 16, 2012

07-16-12 Amsterdam, 2nd Day

Started the day with laundry (who says my life isn't exciting). No rain yet.

Watching clothes tumble-dry is normally dull. But in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has articulated trams. Did you know that? Did you care?

I'd always heard  of the Dutch Concert Gebouw (thought it was one word) Orchestra, but hadn't realized it had its own hall. Clouds portending rain.

Pool in front of the Rijksmuseum

Riijksmuseum, entrance is around the corner to the left

Tight entrance security

I didn't know how to turn off the flash on my new camera. Luckily found someone to show me.

I do not do photos of museums or churches well. This is a baby's crib.

There are doll houses, and there are doll houses. I'd kill for this one

This shot didn't come out as well, but I kept it

I hate it when something I really want a good shot of turns out out of focus. You can judge the size by the guy standing to the left

Drat...not as sharp as I'd wanted, but you recognize it, I'll wager

Blurry view of first room off entry

Blurry view of first room off entry

Clever sculpture adjacent to museum

Some lovely, lovely sights in Amsterdam

Ran into Prestige friends Brian and Marilyn outside the Van Gogh museum. Oh, and it's raining

Waiting to get into the Van Gogh museum. No photos allowed inside

Patio art...not sure what it has to do with Van Gogh, but....

I did get this shot of the restaurant just so I could show I was inside the museum

And, on leaving, snuck one of the lobby

Ticket seller on each tram car...a surlier, less helpful bunch you will never find

Street market

One of few building shots I was able to get

A lot of canals in Amsterdam

Rainy street scene

Waiting at the Dom stop for the tram to the hotel

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