Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Fathers

This will be an exceptionally short blog today, for a couple of reasons. I moved yesterday--that is to say the movers loosely packed up everything and carted it--well, most of it--from my former apartment to my new one, and dumped it, leaving me to sort everything out and put it where it belongs. I figure I should be pretty much settled in within six or seven months. And I'm offline until Tuesday (thank God for coffee shops with Wi-Fi).

But the main reason is that Father's Day--one of the more neglected of our cultural holidays--is once more upon us and though my own dad, who would be turning 99 this year had he lived beyond the age of 57, is not here for me to share it with, I found a video on YouTube some time ago that I hope you really will take the time to watch. It's in captioned Greed, but the subject knows neither language or borders. The link is a little long, but just go to YouTube and type in "What's That?" (It was at the top of the list when I just checked.) It sums up father-son (and actually all children-parent) relationships concisely.

I hope your own father is still alive, and that are able to celebrate this Father's Day with him, if not in person, then with a phone call. Never forget that without him, you would not be here.

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