Sunday, July 07, 2013

Europe Journal, Continued

Europe Journal 2013

08:44 a.m. Now using Rome time. Because my room is still frigid despite having assumedly turned the a/c off. I'd reported the situation to the front desk before dinner last night and was told they'd have someone come up and check it out. And did they? Silly person, you! So I went to bed wearing the hooded terrycloth robe the hotel provides its guests. Still uncomfortably cold. Woke up around 2, went to the closet for the other robe and used it as an additional blanket. That did it, and I slept until after 7.
I don't think I'll be returning to the Ciccerone (Hotel) any time soon. Staff not rude, but cursory. Obviously the majority of their business is group tours, so they don't really have to worry too much about possible repeat guests.

Checking out around 11 for the ship.

Have I mentioned recently just how much I hate reality, and just how much I resent losing to it at every turn? It has absolutely no control over my mind, but in anything physical, I can't compete. Still, I refuse to face the fact that an almost-80-year-old body simply cannot do the things or react in the way a 20-year-old body can. It is unfair and ungrateful of me to be resentful of it; it's been so good to me all these years and still does the best it can. I think I mainly feel sad for it, like watching a dear friend weaken and fade away and not being able to do anything to help. I noticed it yesterday in the walking involved in the tour. 20-year-old me wouldn't have batted an eye. (The heat of course doesn't help the situation.)

10:25 All checked out, (they came for my luggage at around 10 heading God knows where). Bus for ship leaves at 12. I took a walk down to the Parliament (?) building two blocks away and took a few photos. Tom and Mike left earlier to walk to the Spanish Steps, about half an hour away. I could/probably should have gone, but....

I'm keeping a close eye on remaining battery power when not plugged into the charger, and it seems to be draining a bit more quickly today than yesterday.

12:03 Waiting for bus to ship. Just talking with a nice couple from Melbourne...quite a few Australians around. So glad Tom and Mike are here...I'd hate the idea of being the only gay aboard ship, as I was (except for the ship's purser) as I was on the Viking cruise. I am of course having difficulty making myself understood...especially with Italians who do not speak fluent English. Frustrating, to say the least.

4:17 Aboard ship, settled in...more or less...took a wandering tour of the ship, had “lunch” with Tom and Mike. Favorably impressed. Took several photos which I will share sometime later. The crew is 3/4+ Philippine, some Indonesian, and a handful of Europeans—extremely, extremely friendly; “Sir” in every sentence. At the buffet lunch a huge assortment of food. You go through the line, get what you want, and a waiter carries it to your table. Another, seeing you're nearly finished, comes by with a dessert plate. Coffee/water refills? You never have to ask. The head chef stops by to welcome you.

Bought a block of 12 hours of internet service for 28 euros ($39.00?), and am going to have to work out a system. I did bring a memory stick, but I'll try to write everything just on the computer and then send it all on line, keeping what I actually do on line to a minimum. This will be a problem with email and FB, of course since the only way I can read and respond to it...unless I can remember who said what and type it on my computer later (yeah, like that'll work) on line.

Lifeboat drill at 5:00, but I think we leave port around now.

Oh, my cabin. Really nice, but I'm on a lower deck and the only window I have is a porthole sunk about 3' into the outer wall. Learned how to control the a/c first thing.

I suspect my postings will be rather sporadic until I can work out a system.

Let the games begin!


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Kage Alan said...

Am glad you seemed to have found some good company for the journey. =) Do they know you are an internationally renowned novelist and, as of your flight and finding that dead body only to solve the case, now a detective?