Friday, April 22, 2011

Still Here!

The blurry image which accompanies these words pretty much sums up my recently completed European adventure. I do apologize for having neglected my regular Monday/Wednesday/Friday blog posts, but hope you understand.

Life, as you may have noticed, is never simple. In an effort to reach out to as many friends, acquaintances, readers, and potential readers of my writings as possible, I discovered that I could set it up so that every post put up on my two main websites..."Welcome to Dorien Grey's World" (, and "Dorien Grey and Me ( would also automatically show up on Facebook. The problem there being that many people who come to one place often don't go to the others, so there is an inevitable and sometimes possibly confusing duplication. Posting separately to each place might be more logical were it not for the fact that doing so would require a lot of time--already in very short supply.

So I ask your indulgence one more time. I'm in the process of posting the last of more than 1,700 photos of my entire trip to Facebook (neither "Welcome to Dorien Grey's World" or "Dorien Grey and Me" having the practical capacity to host so many). For anyone who is for whatever reason unable to view them on Facebook, I plan to burn a CD (or however many it takes to get them all) which I can lend out.

I hope to get back to a more normal schedule this coming Monday.

Thank you!

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