Monday, March 10, 2008

The Bramble Patch

Having gotten back from my 6-month "all's well" checkup at the Mayo Clinic on Friday afternoon and realizing I had to have a blog for Monday (today), I set out to write one. I do not like deadlines...I'm rushed enough even under the best of circumstances.

But I thought I'd check my email before starting, hoping something there might spark an idea for a subject. And sure enough,after finding buried among the mountain of email that had accumulated in my three day absence, a very nice and totally unexpected note from a woman who had read and enjoyed one of my books. I was, as always, elated by it: I love nothing better than hearing from a reader, and it set me to thinking of the value of praise.

So off I set to do a blog on praise and the risk of becoming dependent upon it. But then suddenly it was Saturday, and I had to work both Saturday and Sunday, which for all practical purposes shot huge holes in the time I had to do anything else. So I set the blog aside, confident that I would get to it and finish it Monday morning, which it is now.

But as so often happens with these blogs, and given the fact that my mind too easily wanders off the path I set for it, when I resumed writing it this morning, I found myself talking of greed and gluttony and quite probably, had I continued writing, would have wandered even further off into the brambles.

The trouble with wandering off the path is it is often impossible to find my way back again. So the more I typed, the more tangled I got up in the brambles of my thoughts. And, of course, the perversity of my mind kept reminding me that it was getting later and later and I still hadn't finished and I had to finish and.....

So finally, as not infrequently happens, I just threw my hands up and decided that there was no way I was going to be able to have a blog for today. And so I sat down to explain why there would be no blog today, and here we are.

I promise to have a blog entry for Wednesday. Really, I do. Honest.

New entries are posted by 10 a.m. central time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please come back.

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