Friday, November 02, 2007


This post will be very brief, I fear, and I ask your indulgence. I'm still somewhat off-pace with my cold and while I started a post yesterday afternoon, I didn't finish it.

This morning I was just about to write one when I checked my email and found notice that there had been several "Comments" posted to my A Worlt Ago Navy letters blog. Curious I went to take a look. The "comments" are all identical: "this is the best blog yet" and all are "signed" "hydrocodo". When I made the mistake of clicking on the word to see who it might be, I was taken to some sales pitch page.

As you may have noted, I am neither the most patient or most saintly of men when it comes to my threshold for anger. Perhaps my cold is adding to my reaction, but I am so furious with this *(^$)*%^$ I really can hardly concentrate on typing this.

And worst of all, I cannot find out how to delete these comments, though I'm sure there is a way to do it, and I will find it, somehow after I calm down a bit.

But anyone going to A World Ago ( should be cautioned NOT to go to "Comments". There are a number of nice comments throughout, but to be safe, until I can get this straightened out, do not open any comnents at all.

It is my acute awareness of my total lack of control, the knowlege that someone beneath contempt can, at their whim, intrude upon the lives of others with impunity really, really pisses me off. I am also disturbed by the knowledge that I am not incapable of violence were I able to track "hydrocodo" down.

The point of all this, dear friend, is that there will not be a regular posting today. Thank you for your indulgence. I'll do my best to have a new post Monday.

New entries are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please come back.

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